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Portrait by Ada Miko, 2021
Maria Helena K. Nerhus is a Finnish-Norwegian architect and visual artist based in Bergen, Norway. From November 2023, Nerhus and musician and sound engineer Jing Yu work together on the topic of Aurora Borealis as the artist duo Yu & Ner. Nerhus is one of three who co-founded Emne Studio(2022), a platform for co-creation for unestablished artists.

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Emne Studio
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Spatial and artsitic practices ( short lists )

2023, Artist Duo Yu and Ner with Jing Yu(CH)
2022, Co-founder EMNE Studio Forening with Camilla Louadah and Verda Lunde
2020 -  2021 Partner and co-funder Studio Hug AS  with Åsmund Hårklau og Eva Bull (now Attom Arkitektar As)

2022-2003, Architect/producer on the participatory art project ‘Kitchen Garden with female persones in  Departmen D,  Bergen Prison.  An art project  by Stacy Brafield, Festspillkollektivet and  & Bergen Kunsthall.

Current projects ;

(upcoming) 2026, Sauna and  local boat building skills
 Nov 2023- Sept 2025,  Yu & Ner with Jing Yu
2020 - , Love Stories of a Place

Text & Photography
(upcoming) 2024, Hvordan å arrangere noko for fyrste gong’, 
2022,  Kutta av, t
he publication
2021 , Trea, greina, Sevje - art book publication (EMNE studio)

Selected exhibitions

2023, ‘Zion’, With Ewa Lorenc, Project room Isotop, Bergen (NO)
2023, ‘Lovers,  with Brita Grov, Projektraum Galerie M, Berlin (DE)
2022, Mystrey X - Learning task 1, Tag Team studio, Bergen (NO)
2022, Kutta av, Project room Isotop, Bergen, NO

2023, Young and Loving, Mystery X, Installation, Galleri s12,  Bergen, NO
2021, Obsolete Solar System, Galleri Memphis, Oslo, NO
2021, Hex Pluss, Galleri N. Bergslien, Eidfjord, NO     

2023, Sporveiskiosken by Emne studio
2021, House of Angels by Leatitia, Ny Kirken, Bergen
2019, ”Hvor er du??!”, Let`s vodka, Østre, Bergen  (as a part of Mørkerommet forokollektiv)

Selected publications
2022, Skam, skuld og fordømming, Arkitektnytt
2021, Sjå Magazine #3
2020, Sjå Magazine #2
2020, Sjå Magazine #1
2020 BT Debatt: on the struggle for children to use the Norwegian minority written ‘Nynorsk’ in school.
2017 Changemakers Magazine: on the work of DAAR Decolonizing Architecture.

Teaching experience
2023 Maike Statz invited Emne studio to host the workshop ‘a place for actions’ at HKS, Bergen
 -            Emne Studio
2022 3 days photography workshop: human in nature, at NKD Nordisk art Center Dale
-            Emne Studio
2022 3 events: Barnas Kulturhus, ‘The Theatre in photography’ for children 3-5 years, Bergen
-             Enk. Foretak
2022 Bergen Prison, Architectural drawing with artist Stacy Bradfield for Kitchen Garden
-             Enk. Foretak
2020-2021: Hosting regular photography meetings
-            Mørkerommet Fotokollektiv
2021 Painting mural with Førde Primary school
-            In relation to the participatory project Meieriplassen.
-            Studio HUG
2021 Colourful concrete cast workshop at Hafstad High, KDA
-            In relation to the participatory project Meieriplassen.
-            Studio HUG
2021, Casting colour concrete workshop with art and design pupils at Hasfad VGS, KDA.
-            In relation to the participatory project Meieriplassen.
-            Studio HUG
2018, Teacher Assistant at Hong Kong Design Institute
-            Architecture

AiR Recidencies
01.09-30.09.23 - Centro Studi Italo-Norvegese a Tolfa, IT
08.01-19.02.23 Hardanger Kunstlag residency with dance artist Brita Grov in Berlin, DE
16.06-01.09.22 Kiosken Studio take over Emne Studio, NO
12.03 – 20.03.22 Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, NO

Workshops (selected)

2023 The Listening Academy by Brandon LeBelle, Tiago, Berlin, DE
2023 Performance LAB: empty hand river by Roza Moshtaghi and Ronak Moshtaghi, DE
2022 Hordaland Kunstsenter Summer Academy with Siv Støldal and Renata Cervetto, NO
2021 EKKO XVIII : Trashkestra with Jimi Tenor, Tatu Rönkkö, Islaja og Rudi Valdersnes, Bergen Kjøtt, NO
2021 How can we Make Narratives More Plural? AGORA / Plurality University Network(digital)
2021 Mass Housing and Climate Change, international workshop and conference, Strelka KB (digital)
2019 Dancing Architect workshop with architect Takako Hasegawa and dancer Julie Anne Stanzak, Ostuni, IT,
2019 Enough: Oslo Architecture Triennale, on preservation and heritage in the city centre of Oslo
2018 Political as art, BAK summer school, Utrecht, NL
2018 Bergen Exchanges, CMI centre on Law and Social transformation

Grants and funding
2023 Municipality of Bergen, Cross-disciplinarity project
2023, 2022 The Norwegian art council, ‘Diversestipend’
2022 Municipality of Bergen, Elektronisk kunst, Project support
2022 The Norwegian art council, 1 year work grant, emerging artists
2021 Municipality of Bergen, Event support 


2014 - 2020, Bergen School of Architecture, Bergen, NO
2018, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, IL/PS
2017, Ryerson University, Toronto, CA
2013, The University of Bergen, Bergen, NO
-            Art theory, art and architecture history from 1900 to today,
              introduction to western philosophy and aesthetics.
2012- 2013, Kunstskolen i Bergen
2011 - 2012, Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School

Clients I have worked with as architect: Kode, Kirkens Bymisjon, Kunsthallen/Stacy Brafield/Festpill kollektivet, Sunnford Kommune, Myrkdalen Fjellhotell, Finnegården, Pamelia Kunstfestival

Nal, NBF, VISP, BONO, Collective Oslo

2021 – 2022 Fotoverkstedet Isotop
2015-2022 A-fag

Maria Helena K. Nerhus
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